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Spoon Class Theory (수저 계급론)

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Today we’ll learn about Spoon Class Theory of Korea which is known by the name 수저 계급론 (Sujeo Gyegeumnon) in Korean. The spoon class theory refers to the idea that individuals in a country can be classified into different socioeconomic classes based on the assets and income level of their parents, and as a consequence, one’s success in life depends entirely on being born into a wealthy family. The term appeared in 2015 and was first widely used among online communities in South Korea.수저계급론 is a theory which is based on spoon (수저) categorized as Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Wooden, Plastic and at lower Dirty spoon.

Why This Theory Came?

The Spoon Class Theory shows class division and economic gap and is considered a major problem in South Korea and the young generation people feels things are not fair to those with humble backgrounds. The people born with silver or gold diamond spoons have the edge in education, jobs as well in marriages while those born with plastic or dirt spoons have to struggle at every step in society.

Spoon social class theory korea

Spoon Class Theory Categories:-

1. 다이아몬드 수저(The Diamond spoon)

(Diamond sujeo)

(People who have 20-25 crores approximately in Indian currency with shares, and other assets and with 5 crore as their annual family income and as in Korean generally up to 억(eok) as their income (이상-isang). Mostly middle and small scale industry owners belong to this category. 0.01% people of Korea belong to diamond spoon.

2. 금 수저(The Gold spoon)

(Geum sujeo)

People within top one percent of population, with more than $500K annual salary and more than $5 million in assets generally business person like Samsung , LG director’s mostly top level official’s come under this category.

3.은 수저(The Silver spoon)

(Eun sujeo)

 Within top three percent of population, with $200K ~ $500K annual salary and $2 ~ $5 million in assets comes under this category.Mostly scholar at entry level are the silver spoon.

4.동 수저(The Bronze spoon) 

(Dong sujeo)

People Within top ten percent of population, with $100K ~ $200K annual salary and $1 ~ $2 million in assets. Consider Middle class.

5.플라스틱 수적(The Plastic spoon)

(Plastic sujeo)

Those with less than $50K annual salary and less than $200K in assets are under this category like framers and struggle when compared to people with humble backgrounds.

6. 흙 수저(The Dirt spoon)

(Heuk sujeo)

Those with less than $20K annual salary and less than $100K in assets belongs to this category and have the most struggle life and are placed at the lower category.

The distinctions are not prominent as the caste system in India. The levels are just ways to refer to a group of people belonging to that economic status. 

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Author: Satish Satyarthi


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