January 11

Sites for finding JOBS in KOREA

Written by Annyeong India


Part time jobs are the new necessity among students. Students prefer doing part time jobs than asking their parents for financial support. It helps them to  combat their financial needs, gain experience, develop skills, learn time management and learn a lot more. 

As a foreigner studying in Korea, it is hard to manage the expenses and also spend time for the studies as well. Mostly foreigners studying in Korea are required by law to work part-time within 30 hours per week in semester. While during vacation they could get a full time job.

Most students find jobs to manage their expenses by referring to the various sites available on the internet. If you are good at English you can take tutoring classes for teaching English to Korean as a part time job. If not, there's always availability for vacancies in restaurants and institutes who hire part time workers. 

Following are the popular websites to look up for jobs in Korea :

1. peoplenjob.com

Though this entire website is in Korean, Google translation is available through Chrome. It provides an option to browse through to the 'hot' jobs in the market. It also has detailed job requirements available. 

Sites for finding JOBS in KOREA


2. Craigslist

It is the most famous site for looking up jobs among foreigners in Korea. The interface is fairly simple with all sorts of vacancies for part time or full time, being posted regularly. It's available in English which saves people from going through the trouble of knowing Korean properly. It is mostly referred by college students for part time jobs.



3. hnhjob.com

This is another website where auto translation to English is available through Chrome. This is one place where the salary is mentioned for all the jobs, starting from part time to full time. 



4. glassdoor.com

Though it is a global website with the list of jobs available throughout the world, this has a wide range of options for jobs available in Korea. Also, this site is entirely in English!



5. job-korea.com

This website has both English and Korean versions available from the provider which makes it even more accurate! There is a detailed description of every job requirement. 





The Korean law requires a monthly pay of at least 8290₩/hour which is about 7$ / hour. 

The students can earn as much as 1500$ but in 2020, the minimum hourly wage was 8590₩ which is around 7.5$.

For detailed information and to know more about the availability of jobs in South Korea and how to get information about them, Learn Korean in India, is one of the most authentic sources for Indians. 

Are you looking for a job in Korea? Did you find this article helpful? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Author : Shivangi Goel



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