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Similarities Between Korean And Indian Culture

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The two Asian countries are similar to each other even if there are differences in certain aspects, but the culture of both countries matches each other a lot which indicates why these similarities can become a good reason for an increasingly close relationship among both nations and their people.

First, let’s take a look at similarities between the family culture and moral values of both countries.

Korean value good relationships within the family, just like Koreans. Indians also focus on building a good family relationship. 

In Korean and Indian families the younger person always talks to his/her elders in a formal way only. The informal way seems disrespectful towards elders.

Status Of male And Female In Households:

The concept that male is bread earner of the household meanwhile female is meant to look after the house is prevalent in both countries till now in some areas but as the time changes people mentality changes and they are inclined on accepting that men and women have the same status. That’s why both nations have a number of successful women in their fields surpassing every obstacle of a male-dominated society. Yet even after proving that men can take care of the household while women can be bread earners some people in both countries refuse to accept the new reforms to these cultural changes.

Parent And Child Relations :

In both countries parents allow their children to stay with them in the same house even after graduation, after marriage the children decide whether they want to live separately or with their parents. In addition to this, parents expectation from their children are the same too on both side, both want their children to get high-end government jobs and if private companies they must be in top positions to earn a good salary and because of this both the countries parents can be seen forcing their children to become doctors, engineers or hold MBA degree even though the children don’t want to do it if their children choose some other major they become unsupportive of that yet there are some parents who allow their kids to pursue whatever they want but those only few. 

Although, the new generation of parents is no more this traditional thinking which will soon bring a lot of change. Also, as Korea has a K-pop industry Korean parents tend to get their children into the industry at an early age and as we all know debuting is hard, and not all trainees debut, so those who try to debut from age 5 or 10, in the end, doesn’t debut they get depressed which is not good for a country’s youth same goes for Indian parents who just from starting to want their children to be an actor/actress or a model.

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Festival Celebration:

Like in India we make various festivals like Diwali to bring the family together likewise even in Korean families Chuseok ( a major festival ) and other festivals are made with family so that those who were apart the whole year come closer again and spend time with family.   Bihu, a festival celebrated in northeastern states to India is a lot similar to Chuseok even the offerings are similar, not to forget the traditional dances of the northeast somewhat matches with dances done on Korean festivals (not exactly the same but seems similar due to some formations and props). There might be a lot of other similarities too in terms of festivals but can be only known after close observation and professional research.

Social Status:

Social status is really important in both countries, in India social status is generally according to the cast of a person although India has a mixed situation people are seen high or low status both on their cast and income level but in Korea social status is mainly according to income level and this social status affects children too mainly because of their parents. In addition, the social status of parents greatly affects their children’s academic status in both countries.

Birthday Celebration:

Both countries follow two different calendars one basic and the other their religious calendar, in India we follow the western calendar and the Hindu calendar likewise Korean’s follow the western calendar and the Korean lunar calendar. 

As younger generations in both countries make their birthdays according to the western calendar but still the older people in both countries prefer to make their birthdays according to their religious calendar.

Moving On To Similarities In Cuisine 

Quality food is really important in both cultures, although in Korean families focus more on healthy and nutritional food. They generally eat vegetables and meat with rice. Rice is a staple food in Korea as rice is also a staple food in many parts of India. However, in Indian food the focus is also on nutritious and tasty food items and in India, people mostly eat vegetables with flatbread also known as roti. Also, most Indians are vegetarians, unlike Koreans who love to eat meat. 

There are several dishes in both Korean and Indian cultures that are similar to each other. some of them are mentioned below:-

1. Kimchi and Achaar – These two are both side dishes, have a lot of variety and can be found in every corner of both countries respectively. Kimchi and Achaar have a similar process of cooking, both are seasoned or marinated in spices and then fermented.

2. Gamja- jeon and Aloo Tikki – Gamja-jeon are Korean pancakes made with grated potatoes with no or any kind stuffing of liking and pan-fried until golden-brown, the same way is Indian aloo tikki made with boiled mashed potatoes stuffed with no or stuffing of liking including Indian spices and pan-fried until golden- brown.

3.Yaki Mandu and Gujiya- Mandu is Korean fried dumplings that are stuffed with various stuffings like pork, etc, and then fried, mandus are generally savory. Gujiya too is made with all-purpose flour then stuffed with khoya, dry fruits then shaped and deep-fried, although gujiyas are generally sweet. You are always going to remember gujiya whenever you eat yaki mandu or vice-versa. 

4. Shaved Ice- Just like Indians Koreans too love to eat shaved ice with various toppings like fruits, dry fruits, condensed milk, etc. both countries people love to calm themselves down during the hot summer season with this particular personal favorite of many in both countries.

5. Kimchi fried rice and Home-cooked fried rice- In Korea, the easiest dish to make is kimchi fried rice it’s said nothing can ever go wrong with kimchi fried rice even if an amateur cook cooks it, likewise we in India we have fried rice which is actually leftover rice cooked with achaar, leftover veggies, and few basic spices. 

Above mentioned dishes were some of the famous dishes which are similar in both countries and there are a lot more cuisines too.

Among all these similarities there are major dissimilarities in terms of progress in both countries. Although both countries share the same day of independence and were ruled by foreign countries for many years, yet they are far apart in technological and developmental aspects. 

As we all know, Korea is known for its high-end technology and infrastructure. Korea has an excellent system of city planning with high-class roads, buildings, high-speed transportations, water supply, electricity, safety, etc. while India is still lacking in city planning due to which we have unequal development all around India only major cities like Delhi and Mumbai have quite good transportation and roads.

The poverty rate and standard of living in both countries have huge differences. Some Korean companies like Samsung, Hyundai, KIA, LG are well established in India. But there are few Indian companies that are well established in Korea.

At last, India is a diverse country larger in area and population both than Korea so the difference is understandable, but what’s important is that both countries are close to each other and share a lot in common.

Author: Dhanishthha Guru



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