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TOP 10 Dating apps Koreans use

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Online dating in South Korea is becoming increasingly popular, and you can meet them even if you are in a foreign country by using some online dating apps. You can use these not just as dating apps for dating; you can also use them to improve your Korean language skills. 

Korean dating app

Many young Koreans do not have many opportunities to meet new people because of their hectic work schedules. If you are learning the Korean language, you can use these apps to meet and converse with native Koreans. 

In this article we'll be looking at some most popular dating apps which Koreans use to make new friends and find their potential lovers.

You should definitely try these apps who know the love of your life or your  special someone might be found by swiping these one of the Korean dating apps!! 


Amanda is the most popular dating app in Korea. It's an blind dating app. Users have to register on this platform and upload their photos to their profiles.

Users can browse through the photos and profiles of singles from the "opposite" gender. In this app you can receive blind date matches everyday.

This mobile dating app was founded in 2013. You can download this app from the app store and google play.


Tinder is the most common and popular app around the world. In Korea tinder is one of the most popular apps for dating and to make new friends and connections. Tinder was first introduced in south Korea in 2015.

Users have to make their profiles and also write about themselves in the bio so that you can find your perfect match. You can download this app from the app store and google play store.


Noondate is a Korean dating mobile app. Noondate introduces you to 3 new people every noon in your location or your choice of region . It sets blind dates for you according to your match.

You can simply find your potential lovers or new friends just by choosing one out of three cards that noon provides everyday! The app was launched in 2015. You can download this app from google play store and app store. 

1 KM

1 km is one of the most popular Korean dating apps. The concept of this app is based on cultural clubs. Those who are interested in movies clubs, climbing clubs, studying clubs and even bicycling clubs.

Users of this app can even create their own clubs. This app matches you with those persons who are 1km away from your location. If you are a foreigner and struggling in making new Korean friends, this app is all you need.

It's not necessarily a dating app, you can also find some new friends of the same interests. You can find this app on google play store and the app store. 


Korean Cupid is a leading Korean dating app. This app connects single Koreans with people all around the world. The app is mostly used by Asians. The app provides you safety related to your data.

It has a really amazing feature also that's called message translator, you can translate the messages in just one click and in the language you prefer!! The app has video messaging and spam protection.

So overall it's a good app. You can download this app from the app store and google play store. 


Another popular dating app in Korea is Wippy. Wippy is not only used for dating, the app also provides you with some good friends with the same interests you have. This app is mainly marketed as an app where you can make new friends.

The app has a voice chat function also, so that you can have a conversation with your friends without revealing your identity. The app has a “ never meet people I know” function also which you can use if you find some suspicious accounts and with this function you can block them. You can find this app on google play store and the app store. 


Glam is one of the most popular Korean dating apps. It won the 2017 google play awards for the best social app in Korea. It's an online free dating app.

Users can upload their daily life from working at their job or on the weekend going out. The app provides plenty of matches, likes, live streams and various ways of healthy relationships and real connections. 


Korean social is a Korean dating app. It helps you to meet single men and women not just in Korea but around the world. The video messages feature makes this app more different.

The matching process is similar to the tinder matching process. If you like someone's profile and they like your back, then it's a match!! Users can upload their videos as profiles instead of just pictures.

The app has many group chat rooms where you can chat with Koreans and find your special someone! The app is available on google play store. 


MEEFF is a Korean app. It's not only for dating, you can also make Korean friends and connections. If you want to do cultural exchange and language exchange, it could be a good app for you. You can use this app for free but some of the features require premium. The app is available on google play store. 


Bumble dating app is  gaining popularity in Korea. In this app the women has to make the first move. The special feature that makes this app more entertaining and fun is that this app has three different features according to the relationships.

If the user is looking for dating then it has a bumble dating feature and if the user is looking for BFF then it has different features and you can also expand your business, career opportunities and expand your networks. You can use this app for free and is available on google play store for download.

Those were the list of top 10  Korean dating apps. I hope this article was helpful. 

Thank you for reading.   

Author : Anjali Barua


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