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Why South Korea Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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South Korea is so diverse as it is able to keep up with its culture, traditions and values while being one of the most technically advanced countries. It has it all, decked up with most incredible landmarks, mountains and hills to Hi-tech companies like SAMSUNG (enough captivated us with its inventions). We can’t forget to mention the sensational music which created enough buzz to go over billboard lists.

If you are starting to plan your next vacation, why to add South Korea to your list? Picking up 5 must-see reasons to persuade you all to set in stone your dates:

Rich History & Its Culture:

South korea  Gyeongbokgung-Palace-Korea-jigsaw-puzzle
Gyeongbokgung Palace

South Korea features a long history dating back over a thousand years. Still today, it’ll awe you with some of the most significant cultural heritage sites of the country. Seoul is home to 5 royal palaces from the Joseon Dynasty. Each of these palaces has its own unique elegance and inspiring buildings which were made out of wood and feature a tile roof and multi-coloured paintings on the pillars and rafters to show “the authority and dignity of the king”. The fascinating palaces include the Gyeongbok Palace Changdeok Palace, Changgyeong Palace, Gyeonghui Palace and the Deoksu Palace.

Serene Coastline And Beaches

Thanks to the natural isolation of Korean peninsula, the country offers miles and miles of alluring coast and stunning beaches. It also has a lot of attractive islands, the most popular and largest one being Jeju-Do Island. Jeju Island is one of Korea’s most visited destinations thanks to its exquisite natural wonders and spectacular beaches.

Pulsating And Vibrant Cities

Potentially, Seoul is the most exciting city though it’s not only the large city that’s worth visiting. Despite being small South Korea has plenty of thrilling cities to explore. Busan, the largest port city located near the coastline, offers a complete composition of magnificent views and local cuisine.

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K-Pop Concerts

The K-Pop genre is growing all over the world, but there is no better place to watch a K-Pop concert than in South Korea. The genre refers to the modern pop music scene in the country, with its funky dances and sensational music. Who doesn’t remember the amplifying song “Gangnam Style” back in 2012 bursting YouTube’s record history? Other bands such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, etc with each band having their fandom encoring them to grow vividly.

Makeup And Skin Care

Remember those viral 10- step skin regime or Glass skincare routine tried by every other beauty influencers? That’s a strict course following each day and night to maintain their stunning flawless skin. They do take care of their skin as an essential part of their daily lives despite being gender-specific. Countless makeup and skincare are availing innovative and futuristic products on the global market such as INNISFREE.

Arguably all reasons would be going to captivate and let you day dream. Comment down below which place lures you the most to plan your next trip to South Korea.

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