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Popular Korean Universities and Scholarships Among Indian Students

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The term SKY is quite popular among South Korean enthusiasts who want to study abroad. The biggest reason which attracts a large number of foreigners ( including Indians ) is the Global Korea Scholarship ( earlier known as KGSP ) which provides 100 percent scholarship to foreign students with airfare and monthly stipend. There is another scholarship which is very beneficial for foreigners which is Academy of Korean Studies  Scholarship (AKS) which is for students who are interested in studying not just the Korean language but also the Korean culture. 

Here is a list of top 6 universities in South Korea to go to ; to fulfill your dreams.

Seoul National University - Wikipedia
  • SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SNU) : Commonly known as SNU, the “S” from SKY  this public university is with three campuses throughout Korea. The main campus is in Seoul itself. It has a partnership with 289 universities in 53 countries throughout the world. It has 16 colleges providing 83 undergraduate programmes and one graduate school providing 99 programmes for postgraduate and doctorate. The university provides facilities like a library, dormitory, university newspaper and also has a museum.

The average fees is around 3000000 – 5000000 South Korean Won  per semester which is roughly about 2.5 -2.75 lakh INR. It’s the most opted University among Indian students as well. 

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Korea University - Wikipedia
  • KOREA UNIVERSITY : “K” from SKY, this is a private university located in Seoul. Global rank 86, this university is really famous for its law school. It also has arts and literature courses which are quite famous. This university has sports facilities, a main stadium, gym, ice skating rink in addition to the general facilities.


The average fees here ranges from 4800000 – 6000000 KRW  per semester which comes to about 3 lakh INR.

  • YONSEI UNIVERSITY : Finally the “Y” from SKY is Yonsei University. Located in Seoul, this is a private university having two campuses. The main campus in Seoul provides close to 18000 undergraduate programmes, 7870 master programmes and 3230 doctorate programmes whereas the second campus at Mirae provides around 7000 undergraduate programmes, 650 master programmes and 261 doctorate programmes. 

It has IT facilities , transportation services, health and sports facilities.

The average fees here for a single semester is around 7000000 KRW which comes out to be approximately 4.7 lakh INR.

An interview with a student from Yonsei University

  • KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KAIST) : Located in Daejeon, KAIST is a public university with global rank 40. There are 13-14 engineering courses available here. Nearly all undergraduates and graduates reside in the 21 campus-housing complexes. There are eight dining halls across the campus that provide a wide variety of choices for students from all across the world.The average fees for one semester here is somewhere around 3400000 KRW which is near about 2.2 lakh INR. 

Check out this interview with a student from KAIST University

  • SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY : located in the heart of Seoul, this is a private university. It is a comprehensive research university which has an international summer semester for foreign students. It is quite famous for its medical school. It has two campuses – one in Seoul and one in Suwon. There are a lot of indian students studying research here. 

The average fees per semester for this university is somewhere around 4500000-6000000 KRW which comes out to be about 3 lakh INR. 

Check out this interview with a student from Sungkyunkwan University

  • EWHA WOMAN UNIVERSITY: located in Seoul, South Korea, it is the first founded university in Korea. It is a private women university which is currently the world’s largest female educational institute. It offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctorate as well as Certificate courses. The annual fees for UG courses is somewhere around 5500000 South Korean Won (almost 4 Lakh INR) and around 6600000 South Korean Won (almost 5 Lakh INR) for PG courses.

It provides its own scholarship – EGPP ( Ewha Global Partnership Program) which covers full tuition fees, dormitory expenses and provides monthly stipend. Other scholarships that can be availed to get into this university are the KGSP and ISS F. 

It has a huge campus with in-campus eateries and book stores. It also has dining, housing, sports-fitness facilities and also has a University Health Service Center.

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An interview with a student from Ewha University

  • YEUNGNAM UNIVERSITY: Located in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang, South Korea, this is a private research university. It offers UG, PG and Doctorate courses. The approximate tuition fees for the UG courses is around 4400000 South Korean Won per year (around 3 Lakh INR), for PG courses- 5500000 South Korean Won per year (almost 4 Lakh INR) and for the Doctorate courses it is about 6600000 South Korean Won per year (around 5 Lakh INR).

It provides its own merit based scholarships during admission. It also is supported by Government funded scholarships.

It has an open auditorium, basketball court, soccer field, jogging track along with a museum, library and a health service center.

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An interview with a student from Yeungnam University

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