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Newtro vogue in Korea and India.

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Fashion and Korea can be also referred to as siblings from the same households. Clothing, make-up, trends, styles, Skincare is one of the most fascinating elements from Korea that has got the world on the hook.

As we are talking about how intriguing the fashion of Korea is, we should not forget the trending ‘Newtro Trend’ that has evolved to be the talk of the town, to be more specific talk of the whole world. No, we are not talking about the Musical Video by the group DIA.

What is the Newtro Trend?

Newtro is an amalgam of New and Retro. We all love the Vintage/Retro looks for their cozy and warm vibes, but altering them to our modern-day comfort and needs is the basic idea of this new trend. In Fact it’s also one of the most popular keywords for Gen Z and Millennials, which are the most noticeable in the present era.

The 80s and 90s epoch have always stayed classical and the 00s generation of Korea has taken it in their hands to bring the old world trends back with the hint of contemporary trends


Though this fusion is not new for Koreans, they have added the modern touch to the traditional Hanbok (the traditional outfit of Korea). Hanbok was traditionally worn during the Joseon dynasty but later it was worn for marriages, musicals, 추석 (Chuseok- Korean thanksgiving), 설날 (Seollal- Korean New Year) but this stereotype was debunked by many K-Pop idols as they started flaunting their national clothing in their Musical Videos and performances.

Korean cultural products are drawing attention along with K-pop and K-beauty. Placing a K in a place that represents the unique characteristics of Korea is spreading like a fashion, which indicates that Korean culture is drawing attention. Accordingly, traditional Korean objects and retro Korean costumes are gaining popularity.

The new Newtro, led by millennials, is inspiring reinterpretation from past designs.

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Tables using green plastic plates used in snack shops in front of schools in the 70s and 80s, old mother-of-pearl and antiques inspire designers, and logos used in the past are gaining popularity as new and unfamiliar to new generations. Cafes catering to Newtro aesthetics is on rise as well.

Inspired by Korean folk paintings, and traditional patterns, brands with new concepts and moods are emerging. There are a variety of jewelry and accessories with chunky volume and modern design, a sense of elegance, and interest in hair accessories is also rising.

These newtro trends are already penetrating all over our society. Representatively, you can feel the Newtro culture the fastest in the fashion field. Fashion trends that include vintage fashion and accessories lush primary colors, vintage clothes with brand logos and characters are popular with large print again . “Fashion turns round ‘ seems to be the truth of being recreated fashion.

The retro concept is popular not only in spatial aspects and content concepts, but also in IT and home appliances. The home appliance industry, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and water purifiers, is targeting customers by increasing the lineup of retro designs.

A similar thing has been prevalent in Indian industry for the past many years. Not to be mistaken that “Newtro” term is solely a Korean portmanteau word combining two words ‘New’ and ‘Tro’ which is simple referred to as ‘ Retro ‘ or ‘ Vintage ‘ in India. Even through it is cooperates both late 90s and modern era aesthtics. The 90s era is considered as the “golden era” and is appreciated and loved by all irrespective of age group. Indians are fond of Bollywood which has always portrayed the Retro theme in the films constantly over the years. It has been seen in the recent song releases of 70s song covers.

Recently released period dramas/movies like, Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani, Jodha Akbar etc. with glimpses of forgotten era has been a huge hit among Indian audiences.

What I noticed is that because India consists of a huge number of youth and the old age people at the same time with a little generation gap. Each generation has their own particular favorite things which are necessarily famous in their generations but loved and appreciated by all. So it’s not surprising for a kid born in the 2000s to know something which was famous in their grandparent’s era.

The recent shift of people covering songs on Instagram reels have mostly been late 90s song covers.

The number of the younger generation, consuming the retro things have decreased over the time and then again consumed as the ” new trends ” but still it’s appreciated by the majority of people.

Newtro has forever been in the Indian fashion industry as well where new innovations combining the retro and modern style Indian jewelleries and dress designs are worn as style statements. Newtro is not treated as a ” trend ” here in India but a ” lifestyle” which many may choose not to follow.

The conclusion can be drawn that Indians have a plethora of things to choose from and they are a little reluctant in picking up new trends but Newtro in India has not left its place and will be here to stay in future also.

Up until now, retro has been a nostalgic reminder of the past, but the new retro is an evolved form that conveys newness with a fresh trend that millennials and Gen Zs encounter.

We are already surfing on this new wave from Korea and have picked our take-out from this trend, what’s your pick? Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Smriti Ekka


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