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Indian tourist destinations famous among Korean travellers

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India has been a destination known for its aesthetics among Koreans. Today I’ve brought you a list of top Indian tourist destinations famous among Korean travellers. Due to the low standard of living, it is relatively cheaper than Korea. It has been a constant place for Koreans to visit. It is still a place to be discovered and explored by the Koreans as most of them have not been here.

Most of the Koreans present here are either IT workers densely found in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra,or  students who have come here to study. A lot of travelers had started coming only since 2019 before lock down. There are a few common places in every Korean’s bucket list when they want to visit India.

The diverse land of India evokes a feeling of exploration not only for its sheer beauty but also for the wonderful people, culture and heritage.

​I’ll be introducing to you the cities Koreans love to visit : 

1. Varanasi-

Apart from being a pilgrimage site for Indians, Varanasi is a famous tourist spot amongst foreigners. You will find a lot of migratory Koreans who are here to fulfill their educational purposes in  Banaras Hindu University mainly for their love for Indian history, language and yoga. Varanasi’s ghat and taking riding in Ganges river really brings out the Indian aesthetics. There are some good Korean themed cafes like Raga cafe by the river Ganges in Varanasi which provides facilities for travel, food and accommodation for Koreans.


2. Agra-

Just like us, even the Koreans have studied about one of the seven wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal. Situated in Agra, India, the beauty and the ancient history of this monument has fascinated and attracted large numbers of foreigners and Koreans are no exception. The first lady of South Korea Kim Jung-Sook was very keen on visiting the Taj Mahal and in 2018 ,for the first time in 16 years, a South Korean first lady made a foreign visit without the president.

In front of Taj Mahal 

3. Ayodhya-

Ayodhya is really famous among the Koreans due to the legendary marriage between the Princess Heo of Ayodhya and King Suro of Gaya (province in Korea). They come to visit it as it is the birthplace of one of their queens. It’s a little less known among Koreans but a lot of emphasis is given by the media to promote it as a tourist place.

4. Jaipur-

The pink city of India is a huge tourist attraction for its pink buildings, huge havelis, forts and palaces. There is a lot of history attached to this place which the foreigners like to explore. The aesthetically pleasing monuments and laid back Indian tradition still intact in the place makes it pleasing.

In front of Amber fort

5. Kolkata-

The city of joy is one of the main centres of Korean eateries and South Korea inspired cafes. Kolkata has fair amount of Korean tourists visiting Victoria memorial or very famous Hawrah bridge. The land known as the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore who wrote the very famous “Lamp of the East.” Which is famous among Koreans visit.


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6. Leh, Ladakh –

Pangong Lake in Leh Ladhak is another famous spot amongst the Koreans because of the success of 3 idiots in Korea. Several Koreans consider this place as one of their travel destination.

Panqonq Lake

7. Delhi and NCR-

Paharganj in Delhi is known for its cheap accommodations and so is a famous spot for foreigners. Talking about NCR, Noida and greater Noida have become a home for a lot of South Korean companies like LG, Samsung, Edison motors and more.

8. Goa –

It has been a travel spot among Indians and  several Koreans each year to Goa for the vibe it holds. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty ,there are several Korean restaurants and activities to do which attracts many tourists every year.

Goa beach

One should not miss the Indian nightscape filled with colourful lights of beautiful temples, and the aroma of spicy food being cooked in the back alley. Apart from these there are so many places in India to explore, one can explore through the winding alleys of Imphal, over the rolling green hills of Meghalaya, explore Lucknow with contemporary street style showcasing the finest of Indo-Islamic arts and culture, South India for its gorgeous landscape, heritage and mouth watering cuisine etc. You are never too young to explore, and India offers a lifetime of exploration. 

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Author : Shivangi Goel


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