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BTS Jimin’s Scholarship Intensive Support For 3 Years To Nurture Jeolla-Nam Artistic Talent

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Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation, scholarship project of 960 million KRW in 2021.

Jeolla-Nam Provincial Superintendent of Education and Chairman of the Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation, Jang Seok-woong, opened the Foundation’s board of directors on the 8th December 2020 and decided to promote a scholarship project worth 9161.6 million KRW in 2021. 

The Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation established a board of directors consisting of the 8th executives on the 8th December 2020, decided to promote a scholarship project worth 966,6 million KRW n in 2021.

BTS 지민 장학금 예술인재에 지급한다
Photo = Jeollanam-do Office of Education

According to the 2021 scholarship plan determined by the Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation on that day, scholarships for elementary, middle and high school students of 387.6 million KRW, Jeolla-Nam Future Scholarship with Mentors” of 75 million KRW, and vocational education and science education national contest winners are supported. It plans to pay 78 million KRW for the ‘Excellent Human Resources Development Scholarship’.

Especially,  the newly established “BTS Jimin Scholarship” focuses on a total of 108 million KRW (36 million KRW in 2021) for three years to cultivate outstanding talents in the art field in Jeolla-nam by using donations donated by BTS Jimin of BTS.

In July of this year, Jimin’s father, Park Hyeon-su, visited the Jeolla-Nam Provincial Office of Education on behalf of his son and donated 100 million won in scholarship funds to Jang Seok-woong, chairman of the Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation. Originally, Jimin wanted to keep the scholarship project private, but it was announced later in the donation process.

Along with this, the foundation decided to donate 370 million KRW to the Future Talent Development Program’, as well as scholarship projects, to cultivate creative talents who prepare for the future society. Programs targeted for support include Creative Convergence Talent Cultivation Project (Elementary and Middle School), AI (Artificial Intelligence) Talent Cultivation Project (General High School), e-Mobility, Future Farmer, and Financial Big Data Program (Job High School).

Jeolla-Nam Provincial Superintendent of Education and Chairman of Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation Jang Seok-woong said, “Since its establishment in 2004, the Jeolla-Nam Future Education Foundation has been conducting scholarship programs to nurture local talent.” In preparation for the future, we will continue to promote scholarship programs in the long term, such as a program to nurture creative talents who actively prepare for the future society.”

BTS 지민 이름으로"… 장학금·산불재건·헌혈증 등 팬들의 기부 선행

It’s not the first time when the artist has contributed to welfare. Earlier, Jimin has been reported for donating ₩120 Million KRW to the students of Busan in 2019. 

The donations received was used for low-income students from 16 schools in Busan, including Busan Art High School, Geumsacho, Geumgok Middle School, Gamcheon Middle School, and Busan Jinyeosang. 

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