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Best Scholarships to Study in Korea

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Global Korean Scholarship (GKS, previously known as KGSP)

This is the most comprehensive flagship Scholarships supported by the Korean government. The scholarship is managed by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), Korea and aims to attract international talents in various fields of study to Korean universities. Every year 300-500 students are selected from across the world for Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs in different fields. If you want to study in Korea, this is the first scholarship that you should explore.

Target groupTalented students from across the globe
Fields of studyMost of the majors are available
Applicable degreeUndergraduates (B.A) and graduates (M.A & Ph.D.)
BenefitsFull tuition fee, settlement expenses, living expenses(900,000 KRW per month), airfare, medical insurance, fee for Korean language course, research support, dissertation printing costs and so on.
Number of recipients5-10 from India (varies every year)
Application periodSept-Oct for Undergraduate and Jan-Feb for Graduate
Host institutionGKS Center, Dept. of Department of Higher Education Internationalization, NIIED
Websites: www.studyinkorea.go.kr www.niied.go.kr
Email: [email protected]
You can also contact Korean embassy in your country.

Art Major Asian(AMA) Scholarship Program (Karts)

Korea National University of Arts is the best Arts university in Korea. It provides bachelors, masters and research programs in the fields of art, theatre, acting, direction and many more. It’s the ideal scholarships for people who want to receive professional training in any of these art fields. T

Target groupStudents with artistic talent wanting to pursue a career in the field of Art.
Fields of studyArt, Theater, Cinema
Applicable degreeUndergraduates (B.A) and graduates (M.A & Ph.D.)
BenefitsFull tuition fee, living expenses(800,000 KRW per month), air fare, medical insurance, fee for Korean language course, etc.
Number of recipients1-2 from India
Application periodMarch
Host institutionKorea National University of Arts(Karts)
AMA manager
Website: eng.karts.ac.kr
Office: +82-2-746-9073
Email: [email protected]

Scholarships for Asian Students in Korea (POSCO TJ Park Foundation)

POSCO is one of the biggest iron-steel processing companies in the world and it has made huge investments in India. Under its social responsibility program, POSCO TJ Park Foundation supports Indian students doing majors in a variety of fields including International relations, Trade, Economy, Public policy and so on.

Target groupYoung intellectuals from Asian countries who plan to enroll in Master’s or Doctoral courses at foundations’ cooperating universities
Fields of studyInternational studies, Korea studies, public policy, science and engineering
BenefitsFull tuition and a living expense for 22 months of staying in Korea
Number of recipientsaround 30 from all Asian countries (1-2 from India)
Application periodFall semester: Varies depending on cooperating universities
Host institutionPOSCO TJ Park Foundation Website: http://www.postf.org/ko/page/asia/scholar.do

Graduate Studies Fellowship Programs (Korea Foundation)

Korea Foundation runs a variety of programs and scholarships to support Korea-related studies around the world. GSFS scholarships are one of the flagship programs of KF.

Fields of studyM.A and Ph.D. candidates in Korea-related studies from about 30 countries around the world
Scholarship duration1 year
BenefitsTuition fee( grant differ depending on area and country’s tuition fee and price level)
Number of recipients150 students a year from all over the world
Host institutionOffice: +82-2-2046-8562
Email: [email protected]

Daewoong Foundation Scholarship Program for International Students (Daewoong Foundation)

This is a newly founded scholarship and is available only to students already studying in Korea. So it’s one option for those students who were not able to receive any other scholarship and came to Korea to study on self-finance. Since there are many such students from India, there may be good chances to get these scholarships.

Target groupInternational students studying in Korea
Eligibility1) Students who are fluent in Korean(TOPIK level 4 or above)
2) Students who have excellent understanding of Korean culture
3) Students who have excellent academic achievements
Application periodMarch and October
Number of recipients00
Host institutionDaewoong Foundation
Website: http://daewoongfoundation.or.kr -> apply -> online inquiries

Scholarship programs offered by corporates

There are many other scholarships funded by various corporate organizations and foundations. Since there is not much information available easily about them and not many people know about them, it makes sense to put in some time and effort and explore them. We have listed some major scholarships programs below.

Major corporate foundationsWebsite
Busan Foundation for International Cooperationwww.bfic.kr/main/main.asp
Samsung Scholarship Foundationwww.sdream.or.kr
Pencil Scholarship Foundationwww.pensaf.or.kr
HansaeYes24 Foundationhansaeyes24foundation.com

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