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5 Must-Visit Cafes In Seoul

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Seoul is known for having the most extraordinary and unique cafes themed from racoons to Vintage and 2D cafes. Recent years of South Korea popularity increases the number of visitors and makes them more curious to explore it in every way. Cafes In Seoul are must-have in the list of tourist travel cups.

Let’s roll on to every must-visit cafe for your trip!

Must Visit Cafes In Seoul:

  • Onion Anguk
  • Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20
  • BT21 store and café
  • VT pink house
  • Ryan café

Onion Anguk

The café let you experience the frontage looks straight out of the Joseon dynasty and with minimalistic interior radiating modern hipster vibes.

While the cafe serves delicious brewed coffee and delicious pastries that are on wide display. One of Onion Cafe’s speciality pastries is the Pandoro, a tall castella cake covered with generous amounts of granulated sugar.

People who love Instagram style cafes then this is a must cafes in Seoul.

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20

The café is one of the green café branches, creating a 2D optical illusion throughout the space to let experience directly into a comic book illustration, even the mugs and cutleries are in flat line drawings. The monochrome design is inspired by the Korean hit TV Drama ‘W’ showing the character’s connection from the real world and the fantasy world.

Definitely a café worth more than a coffee to see and for sure a next Instagrammable destination. cafes in Seoul are worth visiting just like this one.

Top 5 Places For BTS ARMY To Visit In South Korea

The growing popularity of BTS is beyond something which anyone could imagine. In a very short period, they reached millions of people and BTS ARMY is the best fandom the world. The power of music and the message behind their songs plus the bond all members shared s the sole reason why they become so famous. Thanks to BTS now South Korea has become the most loved and visited tourist destination. The most loved K-Pop kings always keep on reminding ARMYs to be the best version of them and love themselves first, to dream and chase after their dreams, and to always, in all possible way…

BT21 store and café

A line store has a BT21 named merchandise totally dedicated to BTS with their own little incarnations. Who doesn’t know BT21 isn’t it’s it?

Tata (V), Shooky(Suga), Cooky (Jungkook), Koya (Rap Monster), Chimmy (Jimin), RJ (Jin), Mang (J-Hope) including clothes, toys, accessories and a dessert café.

The café serves up various desserts named as per BTS incarnations. One of Army’s most favourite cafes in Seoul.

VT Pink House

Under the VT cosmetic brand, VT pink house is a dessert café but flustered with photos and stands of BTS might as well as BTS café.

Permanently taking plenty of space in a phone with its aesthetics while enjoying your drinks.

Ryan Café

Ryan is one of the 8 characters featured in South Korea’s most popular messaging application ‘KakaoTalk’ named as Kakao friend.

The ordering counter is against the middle wall, with a display case showing desserts like Kakao Friends-themed macarons, cupcakes and layered cakes. Drinks, like coffee, frappes and tea, and frozen desserts also are available for purchase. 

As I dug in more for cafes, I explore more unique, unusual yet Instagram worthy places.

Comment down below which you would explore first and gonna have a bit of your idol bias themed desserts or drinks and if you have already visited or you live in Seoul then which Cafes In Seoul is your personal go-to hang around the place.

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