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10 Interesting Facts About South Korea

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Blood Type Fascination 

Koreans are very intrigued by the blood type of a person. They generally associate it to the character or personality of the person. 

Age Factor

South Koreans are one year older in age than the normal international age. This is because Koreans consider the 9 months in the womb almost one year, so when the baby is born, it is already one year old.

Piggy Dreams

Koreans symbolize pigs with money. So if you dream about pigs, it is believed to apparently bring you good fortune. So “piggy dreams” is the new “sweet dreams”.

Wifi Access

South Korea has free wifi almost everywhere even on remote islands. Now you know where to stream movies!

Parasite To The Awards

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite was the first-ever South Korean movie to be nominated for the Oscars. And moreover, it won not just one but four Oscars – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and International Feature Film. It is the first foreign film to win the Oscars – Best Picture, in the history of Oscars.

Parasite 기생충 - Official Trailer - YouTube

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Busy Sky

South Korea has the busiest air route on Earth and it is the most crowded flight path.

Commercial Aircraft - Airbus

Mountainous Country

70% of the land in South Korea is covered by hills and mountains. The famous Nam-san mountain overlooks the beautiful capital – Seoul. No wonder it is so green!

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Military Compulsion

Did you know that serving the military for at least 21 months is mandatory for all Korean Males? All able-bodied males in the age group from 18 to 35 have to undergo the military service mainly to deter the attacks from North Korea.

South Korean airmen end service on a high note - News - Stripes

Different Days For Males And Females

Did you know that Valentine’s day in Korea is celebrated only for men?

The women express their love to the men they love by mostly gifting them chocolates. One month later, on 14th March, it is White Day which is for women. On this day the men express their love for their women by spending more on them than they received on Valentine’s Day.

Rice Cake Luck

Just like in India, eating sweet curd or yogurt before an exam is considered as good luck, likewise in Korea eating rice cake before exam is considered as good luck. I like this degree of similarity!

Do let us now which fact about South Korea you like the most??

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